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About the LIS in traveLISious:

She’s like you, like me.

She’s excited. Excited for the world and excited to explore.

Like you, like me.

She’s normal with a touch of crazy. Or maybe crazy with a touch of normal.

Like you, like me.

She wants to close her eyes and feel the sunshine on her face. Just for a minute.

Like you, like me.

But she lives by her own set of rules:

Always walk on the left side ~ Never say no to adventure ~Always be grateful ~ Never settle ~ Do random kind things ~ Have no regrets ~ Speak your mind ~ Laugh ~ Love ~ Live.

And she’s not perfect, but she’s learning. She’s not wise, but she’s curious. She’s always moving fast but knows life’s only ever here and now. And she’s not there yet, but she’s on her way.

She enjoys inspiring you. Talking to you. Taking you away for a minute. Letting you run around her crazy head. A head overflowing with thoughts and peculiarities. But also with valuable insights and tips. With places to go and foods to eat. With cultures to meet and trips to make. With do’s and dont’s and good and bad adventures.

And she wants to share these with readers. With you.

This why she blogs. Her blog is ment to take you away. To make you close your eyes and open your mind. To help you feel inspired. To stop negative thoughts and start visualising possibilities. To be conscience of our beautiful planet and its weird creatures. To notice the small things in life. To stand still and smile. Just for a minute.

But her blog also tells you that you’re not the only one who’s a little crazy. She’s a little crazy. That you’re not the only one who believes there’s more to life. She believes there’s more to life. Her blog is honest and it’s pure. It’s spoken directly from the heart. A waterfall of words but with rhythm and balance. Vulnerable but real. She hopes you’ll like it.

Please let her know if you do of if you don’t, because she is… like you, like me.