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I’m off to the mountains!

Permits in the pocket, trekkingshoes ready and I even have a ‘afritsbroek’ (trekking pants). Wow I swore to myself I would never wear one of those but here I am…
I’m so excited! From tomorrow on it’s gonna be offline time again for probably the next 3 weeks. I’m going into the MOUNTAINS! :)

Walking from little village to little village, sleeping in teahouses or at local houses (it’s actually quite the same). Together with 2 other dutchies (one of them I met on my Vipassana course) we’re gonna start walking tomorrow. We chose an alternative trek, not so touristy as the Annapurna treks so less people on the road and more authentic. It’s called the Manaslu trek. ”This trek revolves around Mt. Manaslu which is the eight highest mountains in the world and provides one of the most awesome mountain scenery on earth. It is geographically spectacular and culturally fascinating”. It’s about a 2 week trek but we want to add the Tsum trek which my ex-collegue actually recommended to do. So everything again comes together :) By doing the Tsum trek we’ll almost reach the Tibetan border!


I can’t wait to get out of the city life, out of the pollution and the dust, away from all the tourists (I know I am one myself but still…) and breathe in fresh air, wake up by the views over the mountains. I heard that when you almost reach another village you can already smell the burning firewood, local people cooking their Dal baht (a local delicious dish). I’ll just sit next to them, help them cooking and then rest for the rest of the day until we’ll start again the next morning. I’m so happy! I’ll keep on writing during these weeks so I can share all my experiences with you once I’m back.

We’re gonna take it easy, we have no rush at all. They’ll be traveling for the next 8 months and I also have enough time… It’s so good to have all the time of the world, it gives so much freedom. I only have to be back around half june, for another amazing trip to Uganda with my parents and brother. Life’s good! :)

If you look for me, just look up. I’ll be watching the same stars from up the mountains.


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  1. Heike wrote:

    Sounds fantastic! Have fun and be careful! Xx

  2. mam wrote:

    I’ll watch the stars darling….love you and enjoy. :)

  3. Floor wrote:

    Amazing Lis! Enjoy X

  4. kitty wrote:

    Lisanne, you are a very lucky woman! This is an amazing experience! Take care, enjoy and keep on writing.
    And we also watch the stars and think of you!