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Last message before 10 days of silence…

No phone, no email, no whatsapp, no messages, no talking, no eyecontact… Just me, myself and I. OFF the line.

Why? Same question every time…
Because I’m curious. Curious about the experience, what it will do to me. How will it feel? Will I really be able to have more control over my thoughts? Use them a bit less and listen more to my body, my inner self? Isn’t that what we all would want?
Guess there’s only one way to find out.

Today my 10 day Vipassana course will start. I have to be there at 2pm so I’ll probably try being there around 1pm. I can hear people think now… Is she really gonna be in time now? Why didn’t she do that at work?

I am actually looking forward to it. And believe me, I am not expecting a relaxing holiday retreat. I’m expecting the worst and still looking forward to it. To the experience, to see how it is. Not to sitting for 10 hours a day in meditation pose… Lucky me this weekend I learned how to sit ‘comfortably’ during meditation. Still not so comfortable…but better than before. I booked a yoga retreat last weekend and that was amazing! Very inspiring and a good preparation for the upcoming 10 days. I will tell you more when I’m back. Now I need to go and buy a blanket and fill myself with lots of nice food before 10 days of rice and dahl.

Will you guys think of me a little bit while I’m trying not to think? Maybe your energy will help me.

So…radio silence for now.

See you in 10 days!

4 reacties

  1. kitty wrote:

    Wauw Lisanne,
    Respect! Dit gaat voor jou een bijzondere ervaring worden denk ik.
    Momenten van rust en van ‘jezelf tegenkomen’ zullen elkaar afwisselen. Zo goed dat je deze confrontatie aangaat. Ik wens je heel veel kracht maar ook plezier toe! Van deze ervaring kun je alleen maar ‘rijker’ worden.
    Namaste lis!!

  2. mam wrote:

    I will sent you a lot of energy….Go for it……love you .

  3. Mariska wrote:

    Gaaf Lis! Je kunt het! X

  4. Thetravelcase wrote:

    1 + 10 …. How’s life?