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Namasté Kathmandu!

Namasté Kathmandu.

I asked my new german friend how to say ‘hello’ in Nepali and he just stared at me like I was crazy. Now I understand why. Namasté is hello of course.
So… Namasté!

I have been in Kathmandu for a while now. People even ask me ‘Are you still in Kathmandu?’ Yes I am because I am not in a hurry. I used to travel fast, see the highlights and move on. This time I want to travel differently. I’ve got all the time of the world so why hurry? Kathmandu is so peaceful. It’s like time stood still. Old buildings, unpaved roads, bicycles from before Christus, cars that are almost falling apart. The only proper vehicles you see are the tourist vehicles. Nepali people are super friendly, always smiling! And it’s not all about the money, like in some other Asian countries. I went to a public toilet yesterday and a lady shows me the way. I went in, did my thing, got some money already to give to her, and walked out. I looked at her and she just smiled. Did not ask for money but just smiled. I gave her the money I had in my hand anyway, smiled back and walked out. She was thrilled with the little money I gave her and her smile widened even further.

In this blog I also promised to actually give you some value travel insights, as much as I like sharing my (random) thoughts. To start with, here are some for Kathmandu:

Transportation: I’d like to introduce you to my personal rickshaw driver; Lala:


He’s the best rickshaw driver you can ever imagine. He takes you everywhere you want to go (although I have not tried “Holland” as a destination yet), he gets you into sights without paying (legally), he is super fast, somehow manages to avoid all the bumps and holes in the road (and there are many) and even is funny and nice! It’s the real deal. Yesterday I was walking down the street when I saw my friend Lala coming up. I waved and he insisted on bringing me to Durbur square. And then he didn’t want me to pay, can you imagine? I bought him a coffee and insisted on him accepting it. You can find Lala in the streets of Thamel. He wears a little hat (see photo), retro sneakers and always smiles.

Yoga: So it’s been very relaxed. Doing yoga almost every day. Today I went to Pranamaya Yoga. It’s owned by a Dutch lady. They have all sorts of classes in different places in Kathmandu but also in Pokhara. You can buy a 10-class pass or just do a drop-in class. Just see what class suits you best!

Sleeping: I am sleeping in an Area called Thamel. It’s where all the backpackers go. It’s good to start your trip, get used to the country, meet other travellers, organise trekking trips and or just relax. The area has a lot of restaurants, serving Nepali food but also continental food, whatever you feel like. Try the Nepali dish; it’s local, healthy, delicious and very good priced. (photo nepali dish). Also get some momo’s. It’s actually a tibatan snack but they serve it everywhere here. You can compare them with Dimsum but then even better! They have vegeterian ones but alo with meat inside.

There are so many things to do around here. I will write down some do’s and don’ts, foods to eat and things to see in my next post… And you can start planning your own trip to Nepal!


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  1. Ton wrote:

    Nice story Lis. Are you hired by the Nepalese government to promote their country ? Reading your stories is really inspiring. I want to go too..

  2. Mam wrote:

    Op de bucket list dan maar Ton .
    Genieten, relaxen en zen Lis….
    Dikke kuzzz